Weighing options, coping with decisions

(L) Descending into New Orleans; (R) Driving down LA-23 toward Buras. (Images by Lauren Frohne)The third anniversary of the beginning of the BP oil spill recently passed and we just returned from another filming trip to Louisiana, July 1-5. Eight months had elapsed since our last visit, and during that time, many families affected by […]

The moments in between | Two years and counting

It’s been more than two years since the BP oil spill began in the Gulf of Mexico, and still for many, the stress and the uncertainty of what their futures hold remain. Arriving in the bayou at 2 a.m. (Image by Jessey Dearing) At the beginning of August, we went back down to Louisiana to […]

Back in their pre-Katrina home, but uncertain they will stay

Earlier this month, we traveled down to Louisiana to visit the Arnesens at their house in Buras (just a couple of miles up the road from Venice). The family might have some big changes on the horizon, so we wanted to make sure we documented at least a glimpse of life in this house. If […]

Kindra Arnesen & Gulf residents stand against the Keystone XL pipeline in DC

This past weekend, November 6-7, Kindra and other Gulf residents traveled to Washington, D.C., to stand in solidarity with those protesting the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline (here’s a New York Times article about the protest and pipeline). While there, Kindra spoke at the protest about the issues she and her community continue to […]

A Work In Progress

This film has been a work-in-progress for more than a year and a half. The story has developed and changed immensely as we’ve trekked along with the Arnesens and the Gulf community through some tumultuous times, speckled with good memories and tender moments. We are honored that they allow us the privilege of documenting this […]